Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Much Needed Update

I just can't believe what a horrible blogger I am. I really enjoying doing this, even if no one reads it. It just seems I never take the time to do it. The past month has progressed really well for Raef. He is not like his old self at all, when he cries I know what it is about now, it's not just that non stop crying anymore. That has been a huge relief. He is eating like a maniac....loves baby food and is taking about 4 to 5 ounces from a bottle. Amazing since he was only taking about 2-3 ounces before the Glenn. Most importantly..... he has gained 3 whole pounds in a month!!!! I am so shocked about this he looks like a different baby now. When he was born he weighed 9.1 and when we went to the hospital for surgery he weighed 12.6...he was 7 months old. Yes you counted correctly that is 3 pounds in 7 months. So I will take the 3 pounds in 1 month any day. He is still having some issues with his development, he has only rolled over once (of course he was with Scott that day). He isn't sitting or trying to pull up, these are all things a healthy 8 month old should be doing. He is well on his way though, we had a therapist come and evaluate yesterday and hopefully he can start some physical therapy soon. I try not to get to down about it, but it is hard not to. Scott says it's not fair to him to compare him to another child who hasn't been through all he as. He is totally right, but Scott has never been around babies before so he has nothing to compare him to. He is lucky!! He thinks what Raef does or doesn't do is just fine, and it is!! We are so blessed to have this special baby boy, I couldn't imagine life with out him. On a different note he does have 2 teeth! They are so sweet!

In the beginning I blamed myself for all of this. Was it something I did or didn't do right in the beginning of my pregnancy? Why is God punishing me? I am not that bad of a person, right? So over the past 8 months I have done a lot of growing. I have come to realize this is not punishment, but a blessing. This is no one's fault. It is God's plan for our lives. Boy is it an amazing one! I am not saying that I wouldn't make my baby healthy for one second...that is human nature. But we are gonna live our lives to the fullest of our ability's, and not let this awful disease run our lives. It could be so much worse for us..... we have our baby there are many CHD families that do not. I was talking to Laurie the other day and she said something that has really weighed on my mind lately. She said is it so easy to pray and lean on God when times are hard and when things start to get better we forget about him. This is very sad, but true. He never forgets us, ever. I have been so busy with life , that I am not thanking him as often as I should for all he has done for Raef. He has done so much, it is just so wonderful!!

I am really gonna try harder at this!! Thanks for stopping by.